RCEM surveys on specific issues can be found on this page. Surveys from other organisations can be published here with the approval of the College Executive. If you would like your survey to be advertised here, please read this guidance and e-mail your request to

Currently running surveys:

1. RCEM Survey of Emergency Physicians on Global Emergency Medicine related activity

Deadline: January 2019

RCEM has recently established a Global Emergency Medicine Committee to further the development of training, research, networks and opportunities in this emerging field.

As such, this survey was designed to better describe the current status of global emergency medicine related activities by emergency physicians with links to RCEM.

The Committee are also working towards creating a network of members and fellows of the College both in the UK and around the world who are involved in global emergency medicine

Please note, that while the survey findings may be published, your personal identifiable data will not be made available to the public domain and all data will be handled according to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For further information on this, please visit the RCEM GDPR webpage here.

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2. National study of resilience and burnout in UK doctors

Deadline: 23 November 2018

We would appreciate if you would complete an online questionnaire for us that is made up of validated psychological tests. We expect that it will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

The survey aims to explore how doctors rate their professional quality of life and job satisfaction. It also aims to quantify resilience and assess what coping mechanisms doctors are using. 

You will not be asked to enter any identifiable information and in that regard the survey is anonymous.

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3. AUGMENT (The AcUte ManaGeMEnt of aNkle fracTures)

Deadline: 3 December 2018

The AUGMENT collaborative would like to invite you to participate in its national audit project: The AcUte manaGeMEnt of aNkle fracTures. This audit will be a prospective collection of ALL patients suffering ankle fractures in the study window  05.11.2018 to 03.12.2018. Quick win collaboration!

  • Aim: The primary aim is to determine how fractures are managed in the United Kingdom
  • Primary outcome measure: Management of ankle fractures according to BOAST 12
  • Hospital eligibility: Any hospital in the country managing patients with ankle fractures
  • Inclusion criteria: Consecutive patients undergoing treatment for ankle fractures
  • Team: Individual hospital teams with up to three people, collecting data for four weeks. Patients will be identified, and data collected on all patients during the selected four-week period, with follow-up to completion of treatment. Multiple teams may collect data over different one or two-week periods.
  • Time period: Between 5th of November 2018 and 3rd of December 2018 with follow up to extend to 18th January 2019
  • Validation: The quality of methods used to collect data will be assessed through independent evaluators
  • Registration: Interested participants should register with the steering committee online at or via email For clinical queries email