Please complete and return this form to participate in any of the RCEM 2019/20 clinical audits as soon as possible. This form must be accompanied by a copy of the purchase order for the correct fee. Upon receipt of this form, RCEM will issue an invoice for payment within 30 days.

Completed registration forms should be returned to

Payment details

Fees for participation in 2019/20 QIPs are charged according to the total number of audits your organisation has registered for using the following scale.  

Total number of audit registrations for all sites (across organisation)










Total fee (inclusive of VAT)










Total fee (exclusive of VAT)










Example fees: 
  • 1 ED site participating in 1 audit = £440 inclusive of VAT
  • 1 ED site participating in all 3 audits = £1212 inclusive of VAT
  • 2 ED sites both participating in all 3 audits = £2094 inclusive of VAT

Privacy notice

Individuals named on this registration form should be aware of the following:
  • an online audit account will be set up for each named individual to allow them to enter and view audit data
  • they will receive ad hoc emails regarding important milestones such as data collection dates, data entry reminders, and report publication dates
  • by registering for an audit account, ‘the user’ agrees to allow RCEM to store personal information into the software or service that resides on our servers. 

What personal information is collected:
  • Name
  • Emergency Department and Trust
  • Email address and phone number (work)

Data security:

We will endeavour to hold accurate and up-to-date information.  Some information can be amended by you and some can be amended by RCEM.  If you are aware of an inaccuracy you can inform RCEM who will correct or delete it promptly. We will never collect sensitive personal data without your explicit consent.

We do not sell, trade or rent personal details to third parties.  However some information is passed to third party suppliers who host the audit software to enable account creation and activation. 

Security measures are in place to secure personal information include encryption technology and firewalls as well as restrictions regarding the storage of sensitive information.  The account holder information is password protected as set up by the account holder.  The account holder can edit their personal information by logging on and entering a password.  Staff access to account holder information is also password protected.

If you have any queries regarding registration, please contact the Quality Team through