Safety Flashes & Newsflashes 

See the Royal College of Emergency Medicine's safety alerts and browse external newsflash alerts regarding Emergency Medicine below. 

Safety Flashes and News

This page has links to recent flashes on equipment faults, high risk procedures etc, as well as other safety organisations. Please contact if you hear of additional topics that should be on this page.

See all RCEM issued safety newsflashes here or use the grey tab above.

Central Alerting System

The Central Alerting System (CAS) is a web-based cascading system for issuing patient safety alerts, important public health messages and other safety critical information and guidance to the NHS and others, including independent providers of health and social care. 

Patient Safety Alerts 
Links to NHS England, MHRA and Public Health England patient safety alerts can be found below:

Blood control safety cannula and needle thoracostomy for tension pneumothorax - 2 April 2020

National Patient Safety Alert: Depleted batteries in intraosseous injectors - 5 November 2019
DNP (2,4 dinitrophenol) toxicity - 15 May 2019 

Patient Safety Alert: Risk of death and severe harm from failure to obtain and continue flow from oxygen cylinders - 9th January 2018
Hepatitis B: Plan for phased re-introduction of hepatitis B vaccine for lower priority groups - 9th March 2018

Hepatitis B: vaccine recommendations during supply constraints - 21 July 2017

MHRA Drug Safety Bulletin


Medical Device Alerts

All Medical Device Alerts (MDA) can be viewed on the MHRA website hereSelected MDAs sent by the MHRA for circulation to RCEM members are listed below:





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