COVID-19 represents a major public health challenge and the health services, including staff in Emergency Departments, are under significant pressure as a result. We have no doubt that our Fellows and Members will respond calmly and effectively to any challenges ahead.

RCEM will be using this webpage to disseminate relevant information regarding the COVID-19 situation and the most relevant RCEM responses.

We acknowledge the COVID-19 situation is evolving, often rapidly. As such, this webpage will link to major websites with the most current information available.
We also encourage you to visit this webpage regularly to obtain the latest available COVID-19 information as it relates to College activity.  Please report any issues here.

Government websites

UK government COVID-19 website
UK and England case tracker
Welsh government COVID-19 website
Scottish government COVID-19 website
Northern Ireland Department of Health COVID-19 update 

NHS websites

Useful resources from other learned bodies

Combined RCoA, Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine, Association of Anaesthetists and Intensive Care Society COVID-19 guidance
Academy of Medical Royal Colleges COVID-19 resource

Clinical Guidance

NHS Speciality Guides - Emergency Medicine
British Society of Thoracic Imaging Radiology Decision Support Tool
Locally developed guidance, protocols, assessment tools or discharge advice
How to code for COVID
NICE COVID-19 related guidance

Looking after our staff

RCEM EM-POWER: A Wellness Compendium for EM and sustainable working
Staff/self care during COVID19 (collated resources)
Intensive Care Society guidance to looking after staff
RCOG guide to COVID-19 and pregnancy

Advice around trainees and training

Other resources

Decisions taken by College so far

Useful guide from Addenbrookes around intubating Covid patients
BMA resource site for COVID-19
Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment from Zhejiang University School of Medicine

Other useful external websites


Newsnight - 17 March 2020 - Dr Katherine Henderson

Key News

*IMPORTANT* Letter from Simon Stevens – NEXT STEPS ON THE NHS RESPONSE TO COVID-19 (17 March 2020)
OPEN LETTER from London’s specialist homelessness clinicians and partners
Hospitals Get Ramped Up For Delivery Of Protective Kit To Staff Fighting Coronavirus