Quality Improvement Programmes (QIPs)

This page collates the Royal College of Emergency Medicine's national Quality Improvement Projects (QIPs), including current and previous RCEM QIPs. Use the navigation below to browse current RCEM QIPs, previous QIPs and frequently asked questions about QIPs and data submitted.

Current RCEM QIPs

2020/2021 Audit and QIP Programme

Fractured Neck of Femur - Data collection (5 Oct 2020 - 2 Apr 2021)

Pain in Children - Data collection (5 Oct 2020 - 3 Oct 2021**)

Infection Control* - Data collection (5 Oct 2020 - 2 Apr 2021)

Data collection^ will be from 5 Oct 2020 - 2 Apr 2021.

Data entry will be open from 3 Nov 2020 - 9 Apr 2021**.

*Please note that the planned Homeless Inclusion Health topic has been postponed and replaced with Infection Control to better support safe and high quality care at the current time.

^Data collection and entry has also been postponed from the usual August to January period and, for the 2020/21 QIPs will be from October to April, for the Pain in Children QIP, the collection period will end on 3 Oct 2021. This is meant to allow newly rotated trainees to settle into the ED before beginning the QIP, and release pressure on EDs over winter.

**Please note that for the Pain in Children QIP, the closing date is different from the other two QIPs and will be on 3 Oct 2021.

2021/2022 QIP Programmes.

Consultant Sign off
Mental Health Self Harm
Pain in Children

Registration will open on 6 September 2021 and we will be sending out registration details in due course.

Data collection for our  2021/2022 QIPs will run from 4 October 2021 - 4 April 2022.

We are seeking pilot sites to take part in each QIP topic. if you are interested, please contact the Quality Team at audit@rcem.ac.uk. The pilot will be running in July and August 2021.

RCEM QIP contacts

It is important for the College to maintain contact details for Consultants and administrators responsible for audit/QIPs in their Departments in order to keep them informed of RCEM QIPs developments. Please notify the College administrator of any changes to your contact details (see details below).


Should you have any questions please email audit@rcem.ac.uk or telephone 020 7400 6108.

External Audits

Urgent and Emergency Care Clinical Audit Toolkit

A learning tool to support the quality of urgent and emergency care services for patients was launched on 30th March 2011 by the Royal College of General Practitioners. Go to the Audit Guidance page for more information and to download the toolkit.

National Care of the Dying Audit for Hospitals in England

For the first time, a survey of bereaved relatives' views has been performed alongside organisational and clinical audit elements, as part of a national audit of care of the dying. The audit was delivered by the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) in collaboration with the Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute Liverpool. The full national audit report and an executive summary can be downloaded from the RCP website.

NCAPOP and Audit Resources

The Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) manages and develops the National Clinical Audit and Patient Outcomes Programme (NCAPOP). In addition HQIP is developing guidance and resources to assist local clinical audit programmes. See more here.

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