Winter Flow Project 2019/20

 Weekly reports and figures

24 January 2020 
17 January 2020 
10 January 2020 
20 December 2019 
 13 December 2019
 06 December 2019

Our Winter Flow Project looks at a sample of trusts and boards throughout the UK to see how they are performing and what difficulties they are facing each week across the winter period.

In politically challenging times, the project has a vital role to play in informing the wider debate around emergency medicine and focusing attention in the media and in Governments in each of the UK nations on the practical challenges faced by Providers as they make every effort provide excellent care for patients. In our view, the project has also been instrumental in making the case for additional resources for the health sector; which is now reflected in the new settlement for the NHS as announced by the Government. Given the success of the project in highlighting these issues, the College has decided to continue the project for 2019-20.

This year’s project will collect the following data points on a weekly basis from over 50 trusts and boards:

a) Type one four-hour standard performance
b) The number of acute beds in service
c) The number of patients spending more than 12 hours in an Emergency Department from arrival to departure
d) The number of patients for whom hospitalisation in an acute trust is no longer medically required
e) The number of unplanned attendances at Emergency Department(s) each week.

The project will run from the beginning of October 2019 until the end of March 2020. All the information submitted will be anonymised and aggregated to provide a system wide picture while avoiding unhelpful scrutiny of individual sites. Moreover, the data will only be discussed in aggregate form. 

For further information about the project please contact Details of previous years' projects can be found below.