The Royal College of Emergency Medicine works to ensure high quality care by setting and monitoring standards of care, and providing expert guidance and advice on policy to relevant bodies on matters relating to Emergency Medicine.

Within these pages you can find resources from the College's Policy Team. These resources are designed to tackle challenges facing the delivery of urgent and emergency care and to promote system resilience.

A&E Essential Facts

In August 2018 we published an updated fact sheet for England regarding the current state of A&Es and the specialty of Emergency Medicine, with the aim of informing any responsible debate concerning A&E departments ahead of the winter of 2018/19. We first published our factsheets in 2015 for MPs and decision makers providing a useful overview of the situation and the challenges facing EM. A series of factsheets for the devolved nations are to be published in September 2018. The below factsheets for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland cover 2015/16.

The Facts about A & E

Upcoming External Reports

The College makes use of various data published throughout the year by organisations including NHS England, ISD Scotland and NHS Digital. Below is a list of publishing dates.

Past External Reports

Below are lists of reports published by key healthcare organisations that have been relevant to College policy and are of interest to our members and fellows. The lists cover the last two years and are by no means exhaustive, but provide a useful guide to key reports.

For any enquiries regarding policy please email: policy@rcem.ac.uk