Royal College of Emergency Medicine Guidance 

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) has clinical guidelines available for professionals working in emergency medicine. This section includes guidance on the following: RCEM Guidance, Toolkits and Best Practice. You will find information and college guidance below regarding the following: paracetamol overdose, mental health, drugs and alcohol and guidance implementation. 

RCEM Guidance

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Older People

Welcome to the webpage of the Special Interest Group (SIG) for older people at the Royal College of Emergency Medicine.

We are very interested to hear from you about projects and ideas you may have to improve the care of older people in our emergency departments.

Older people are increasingly important attendees to UK’s emergency departments. They are a heterogeneous group and many are active and well although a small proportion are frail.

The fact that older people comprise a special group of ED attendees was described some time ago and many of the conclusions are ever more important. The report from QualityWatch described the complexity in presentation associated with age and its impact on ED attendances.

RCEM was instrumental in supporting the “Silver Book” project and this SIG is a concerted effort to bring together like-minded people keen on improving quality care for older people in UK EDs through leadership, service improvement, research and education.

The Silver Book


Here are links to some websites on Geriatric Emergency Medicine from around the world that demonstrate the excellent work being undertaken on improving older peoples care.

Link to useful academic publications and books:


  • Please direct any enquiries to

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