ACP Forum

The Emergency Medicine Advanced Clinical Practitioners’ Forum is a new and exciting initiative intended to provide a focus and representation for ACPs and trainee ACPs (tACPs) within the College.

The work of the Forum includes sharing good practice and ideas for improvement to ACP training, and disseminating information about changes to training provision. Members of the ACP Forum represent the views of ACPs and tACPs at the relevant committees of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, and on Council, and encourage the active involvement of all ACP Associate members in improving their own training experience and shaping the development of Emergency Medicine as a specialty.

The ACP Forum also supports the planning and delivery of the ACP conference.

The Forum itself consists of a Chair and eight regional representatives from across the British Isles, all of whom are elected by ballot; with membership of the Forum limited to advanced nurses or advanced paramedics working in Emergency Medicine (who are Associate Members (ACP) of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine in good standing).

Congratulations to our new representative for the South region; Mark Case.

ACP Forum meetings

We are undertaking virtual meetings at the moment, due to the COVID-19 crisis.

You can access recordings of the meetings here. Please note that this access is only available to current members of RCEM.

ACP Forum members

ACP Forum Chair Olivia Wilson
East of England Region Representative Daniel Buxton
London Region Representative Sarah Davies
North of England Region Representative Amy Cawthorne
South of England Region Representative Mark Case
West of England Region Representative Ashleigh Lowther
Northern Ireland Representative Ronald Kernaghan
Scotland Representative Karen Johnstone
Wales Representative Kevin Randall