RCEM welcomes BMA's call for extra 10,000 beds

6 December 2018

Responding to the BMA's analysis of winter pressures, President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, Dr Taj Hassan said: 

“The College has persistently called for more beds over the last few years. This is a very welcome recognition by the BMA of this urgent need and of the importance of bed occupancy not exceeding the safe level of 85%.
“The extra money for winter pressure recently announced by the Government was once again too little, too late to have a meaningful impact and we have no doubt that this winter will be another incredibly difficult one for patients and staff alike. 
“We have issued guidance to trust and board leaders on the actions they can take to help mitigate the impact of winter, but this is no substitute for meaningful long-term action. The forthcoming 10 year plan for the NHS must include significant, planned resourcing for our emergency departments and end the cycle of impromptu bailout following short-sighted annual underfunding.”