Latest 'worst ever' performance figures must be a “final wake-up call”

12 April 2018

Commenting on the latest figures to show A&E performance at their worst ever level the President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, Dr Taj Hassan, said: “Once again four-hour performance has reached a new low, with March seeing the highest ever emergency admissions. Patients are continuing to pay the price of years of under-resourcing.

“Recent comments from the Government about an increase in funding are very welcome, yet it is disappointing that we have had to get to this point for any meaningful action to even be considered. 

“The pattern of decline has been evident for years and we, among others, have repeatedly pointed to it along with solutions to the worsening problems facing our departments and health service. 

“Yet warnings have gone unheeded. This should be the final wake-up call for decision makers and minsters. Patients are getting sicker and we do not have enough staff or beds to be able to treat them in a timely manner, and with the dignity they deserve.

“The cries for help from the sector should’ve been enough to elicit change. The evidence that change is needed is plain for all to see but has continually been ignored by those that can do something about it. 

“We would encourage all patients to write to their MP to ensure that government rhetoric is finally turned into meaningful action.”