GMC Annual National Training Survey highlights the need to lighten the load of doctors in training

9 July 2018

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine supports the findings of the General Medical Council’s annual national training surveys and agrees with the need for dedicated time for education and training. 

President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, Dr Taj Hassan said: “This report makes for sobering reading and is extremely concerning for the long-term health of the NHS. Overloading trainees often leads to many seeking to leave their specialty, the country or sometimes the profession altogether. 

“Trainees should not have to work past their rostered hours. By doing this, they may be sacrificing their dedicated study time, putting further pressure on themselves, but also running the risk of burnout. We know that tired doctors are more susceptible to making poor decisions, which can put patient safety at risk.

“We must work to lighten the load on all of our doctors but is especially important that our trainees learning time is protected. Key to this is in emergency medicine is the recent agreement between the RCEM & NHSE, NHSI & HEE ‘Securing the ED workforce’, the implementation of which will see more doctors trained, which will help relieve some of the pressure on the current workforce.”