Membership Process

How to apply for Membership

It is imperative that if you have registered an online account with the Royal College either for an event booking or to apply for an exam and you are not a member, you need to log in to your Royal College account with your login details first before starting the application form via the membership & Training Tab. However if you are new to the system you will be asked to register first. Membership applications are completed and submitted on-line.

Registered but not a member

  1. Start a membership application by clicking here. You will be asked to login using your existing username (generally your preferred email address) and your password.
  2. If you cannot remember your access details please click on the appropriate link e.g. forgot password, etc. 
New to RCEM registration and membership application

  1. Click Create an Account to start the process.
  2. Select either 'New Members' or 'New Members and E-Portfolio Access' from the drop down list.
  3. Create your account and then carry through with the on-line application form.
NB: If you create another account this will create a duplicate record on the database and data on one account will not be transferred to the newly created account. It is imperative to avoid duplication of accounts.

Approval Process

The form will be checked by the membership staff before application is presented to the Membership Manager for approval.  The approval listing is sent to the Registrar for information only at this point and a confirmation letter is sent to the new member after the Membership Manager approval.

If there is a query on the membership application the Membership Manager will be refer to the Registrar for discussion and clarification.  Further clarification on a membership application may take place and will be presented by the Registrar and discussed by the Fellowship and Membership Committee and possibly at Council.  

Once approval takes place all applications regardless when approved will be presented to Council for ratification which meet at least four times a year.  Please note that Council may overturn an approval and if this does occur a letter will be sent explaining the reason why and a refund will be given.

Payment of Membership subscriptions after approval

After approval your membership subscription will be due. If you have requested to pay by Direct Debit depending on the time of approval your membership subscription will be collected within one month of approval.  You will receive a direct debit confirmation letter as well as your approval letter. Alternatively if you have requested to pay by Credit/Debit card then you can pay on-line after your approval date has passed. Membership subscriptions must be paid within 4 weeks of approval otherwise your membership will lapse.

Pro-rata Subscriptions

Membership is based on a calendar year and direct debit annual subscriptions are due every first working day in February whereas if you pay by credit or debit card payment is can be made on line from the second working day of January..

Please note that Council may overturn an approval and if this does occur a letter will be sent explaining the reason why and a refund will be given.

Approvals are now done every two weeks by the Membership Manager. Dependent upon the Membership Manager approval date, the membership subscription amount will be reduced dependent.  The annual subscription amounts are divided into months when approved.  please see table below: 

Approval date occurs during  Membership Subscription to pay  EMJ subscription (if not included in subs)
January Full Year Full Year
February 11 months 11 months
March 10 months 10 months
April 9 months 9 months
May 8 months 8 months
 June 7 months   7 months 
 July  6 months  6 months 
 August  5 months 5 months 
September   4 months  4 months
 October  3 months  3 months
November  2 months  2 months 
 December No payment - full payment due in the following year.  It is expected that no membership approvals will be in December.   See comment to the left 

Information about reduced subscriptions

Several Royal Colleges have reduced subscription rates to their College for Fellows and Members in Emergency Medicine, details of which can be found in this document.