What we have done so far

UK Sepsis Trust Joint Project

Funds raised by the RCEM Foundation went towards a joint project with the UK Sepsis Trust. The clinical toolkit for Emergency Medicine has been developed jointly by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and the UK Sepsis Trust. It is designed to provide operational solutions to the complexities challenging the reliable identification and management of sepsis, and complements clinical toolkits designed for other clinical areas.

Chest Pain Research

Chest pain causes over 1 million people to attend the Emergency Department each year. However, as the symptoms of an acute coronary syndrome can be the same as the symptoms caused by much less serious problems like indigestion, doctors usually have to rely on tests and it can take many hours to be sure of the diagnosis. This leads to hundreds of thousands of hospital admissions every year, most of which could be avoided with more efficient testing. Our research has found new ways of using current tests, which allow us to reassure thousands of patients every year quickly and safely. This avoids the unnecessary stress of staying in hospital for many patients, helps to free up hospital beds for the patients who most need them and is likely to save the NHS over £100 million every year. The Royal College of Emergency Medicine has funded much of this research, which has now informed national and international guidelines, improving treatment for patients across the world.