Revalidation is the way in which the General Medical Council (GMC) regulates licensed doctors, giving extra confidence to patients that their doctors are up to date and fit to practice. Licensed doctors will have to re-validate, usually every five years, by having regular appraisals that are based the GMC core guidance for doctors, Good Medical Practice. See below for the Royal College of Emergency Medicine's collection of resources including: latest news, frequently asked questions, e-portfolio, general guidance and college information. Use the navigation tab below to navigate through these resources. 

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Latest News

Changes to Practitioner Performance Advice assessments (December 2018)

Following a review of assessment tools and feedback, a number of changes have been introduced since November 2018 to ensure continued provision of an effective service that better meets the need of users. A new model of assessment, which focuses on clinical performance, has been developed and is being trialed with a view to it coming into effect in due course. Further information about the service can be found at the NHS Resolution website and brief details about assessment are in these FAQs.

Reflective Practice (September 2018)

The Academy of the Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC), the UK Conference of Postgraduate Medical Deans (COPMeD), the General Medical Council (GMC), and the Medical Schools Council (MSC) have jointly developed and published new guidance on reflective practice. The full document, the summary and the toolkit can be downloaded from here.

Revalidation e-Portfolio

After 30 September 2017, access to your revalidation portfolio account and portfolio content through RCEM will be discontinued. You will, however, be able to continue to access your account by subscribing directly to Equiniti or opt out and remove any content if you need to retain it.

Revised Good Medical Practice (April 2013)

The GMC revised guidance was formally launched on 23 April 2013. Eight pieces of explanatory guidance have also been published, along with updated online learning materials linked to the guidance. See more here

Revalidation of licensed doctors begins Monday 3 December 2012

It is expected that the majority of licensed Emergency Medicine doctors in the UK will have been revalidated by 2016. Revalidation aims to give patients and the public, as well as employers and other healthcare professionals, extra confidence that doctors are up to date and fit to practice. All licensed doctors will need to revalidate on a regular basis (usually every five years) in order to keep their licence to practice.

The College is working hard to provide members with information to assist Emergency Doctors in revalidation. To use the portfolio, all Members and Fellows must ensure that their personal information is correct on the RCEM website. If it is not, they will not be able to register. Please login and check or change your personal details, such as your employer, email or postal address.

 A Revalidation Helpdesk is now available at the College. If you have any questions about revalidation please email them to

For general information about revalidation please go to the GMC website

Announcement of medical revalidation in the UK from December (19 October, 2012)

The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced today that from 3 December 2012, revalidation of doctors in the UK will commence. This represents a step forward in both the effective regulation of doctors and the creation in law of further measures to improve quality and safety of care across the entire health sector. Medical revalidation, and the associated mandatory requirements for individual licensed doctors, responsible officers and designated bodies, will provide additional assurance to patients and should improve confidence in the quality and safety of the services commissioned and provided for them. For further information about the GMC announcement please visit the GMC website

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