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The Royal College of Emergency Medicine has recently reviewed its policies and procedures regarding CPD guidance for Members and Fellows. Revised guidance from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges emphasises that the focus of CPD should be on its quality and reflection of its impact on a doctor’s practice, rather than the amount of time spent on the activity and that the responsibility for identifying CPD requirements rests with the individual and should be based on their personal areas of practice and personal development plan agreed at their annual appraisal. Although one 'CPD credit' will normally equate to one hour of educational activity, the amount of educational activity obtained from a specific event may vary between individuals depending on an individual’s specific learning outcomes. For this reason, RCEM will no longer be awarding CPD points or credits to external CPD events, a practice that has already been adopted by several other Medical Royal Colleges.

At the current time, RCEM is unable to implement an alternative 'accreditation' process for the educational content of external events due to the substantial resources required to develop a robust quality assurance process. However, it is hoped that this may become possible in the future.

RCEM has published revised CPD Guidance for its Members and Fellows and it clarifies that although the College will no longer formally accredit external courses, it is important that a significant proportion of a doctor's CPD should be undertaken outside their normal place of work and that they will still be required to undertake and record external CPD activity. Therefore, although it will now be the responsibility of the individual doctor to assess whether the content of the event is appropriate for their specific CPD requirements rather than RCEM passing a judgement on this, we would not expect the change in the CPD accreditation process to impact negatively on attendance at external CPD events that have relevance to the practice of Emergency Medicine.

1 April 2017 - (updated 16 November 2017, following publication of revised RCEM CPD Guidance)

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