Global EM Resources

RCEM Global EM Handbook

A guide for Emergency Physicians undertaking Global Emergency Medicine work abroad has been produced by the GEM Committee and can be downloaded below.

GEM Handbook

This handbook provides a brief introduction to global emergency medicine and working overseas in an emergency care setting for those that may be new to the field or for those that are considering volunteering abroad. It aims to signpost to a range of helpful resources and provide an idea of some current opportunities.

RCEM Global Guide for GEM Fellowships

A practical guide for supervision of a GEM Fellowship program within a UK Emergency Department been produced by the GEM Committee and can be downloaded below.

GEM Fellowships

Increasing numbers of UK ED are offering fellowships in Global EM (GEM). These positions are being taken by doctors across various grades including junior positions after foundation year 2 (FY2) training, intermediate specialist training (ACCS level), more senior ST4 and post CCT fellowships. So far, there has not been a standardised framework for these posts.

The aim of this GEM fellowship guide is to provide a suggested practical framework for organising a GEM Clinical Fellowship programme within a UK Emergency Department.

Further helpful papers around GEM fellowships can be found below.

Core Curricular Elements for Fellowship Training in International Emergency Medicine

Experience with the core curricular elements for international emergency medicine fellowships

Information for trainees about going out of programme can be found here

If you would like to share opportunities that are in line with these standards, please email

GEM Endorsement

Are you holding or know of any EM development activities in LMIC or Low-Income settings and would like to apply for endorsement from the College?

Please find the GEM Endorsement criteria and process guidance and application form below:

RCEM FEM Endorsement criteria and process

RCEM GEM Endorsement Application form

Rapid Fire Evidence Reviews with AFEM

In collaboration with colleagues at the African Federation for Emergency Medicine we present rapid-fire evidence reviews where we conduct literature reviews on key topics related to COVID-19 . Presentations are accompanied by written summaries.

Review 6: Treatments for COVID 19 [MP4]

[PPT] [Written Summary ] NOVEMBER 2020

Review 5: Maternal and child health [MP4]

[PPT] [Written Summary] NOVEMBER 2020

Review 4: Public Health and Epidemiology in COVID-19 [MP4]

[PPT] [Written Summary] AUGUST 2020

Review 3: COVID-19 Virology [MP4]

[PPT] [Written Summary] JULY 2020

Review 2: COVID-19: The impact on Healthcare Workers [MP4]

[PPT] [Written Summary] AUGUST 2020

Review 1: HIV, TB & BCG [MP4]

[PPT] [Written Summary] JULY 2020

Helpful resources

A list of other helpful resources have been compiled by the committee and can be downloaded here

RCOG Global Health Toolkits

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) have a range of Global Health Toolkits The toolkits have been written by experts in the Obstetricians and Gynaecologist fields but they are currently at trial stage. RCOG are looking for piloting opportunities so if any members are interested please contact RCOG on