About ePortfolio (Kaizen)

The RCEM ePortfolio (Kaizen) is a platform that allows RCEM members with the appropriate category, to create a learning record that provides actual evidence of achievement to support either their progression through a recognised training programme or provide evidence on their professional development for future use.

Access to the ePortfolio

Kaizen is available through Kaizenep.com

If you wish to have ePortfolio access you will need to complete the online application form.

To obtain more information about the fees and process, please visit our membership pages.

Upon successful application a username and password will be issued which will allow you access to Kaizen; this can take up to 10 working days.

Please be aware that Core EM Trainees (CT1-3), HST trainees (ST4-6), Run-Through-Trainees (ST1-6) and those in LAT or FTSTA posts need to register/enrol with the College.

These are separate processes to applying for Membership of the College or registering with the LETB/deanery.

Educational / Clinical supervisors

Educational / Clinical supervisors, who do not already have a Kaizen account, should email ePortfolio@rcem.ac.uk with your GMC number, full name and email address.

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