The RCEM e-portfolio is primarily available for Run-Through trainees (ST1-6), Core Specialty trainees (CT1-3), Higher Specialty trainees (ST4-6), and those in FTSTA and LAT posts to record and store key documents for progression through training. The RCEM requires all post-2007 specialty trainees at these grades to use the e-portfolio.

ACCS trainees with parent specialties other than Emergency Medicine are advised not to register with the RCEM e-portfolio.  Physician trainees should register with the Physician e-portfolio for all parts of their training, and Anaesthetics trainees should seek the advice of their educational supervisor as to the appropriate documentation to use.

Access to the e-portfolio is also available for Republic of Ireland EM Trainees, Advanced Clinical Practitioners and non-trainees.  

Ways to pay for ePortfolio access changed from 1 January 2017 when the College discontinued the Training Administration Fee and introduced new Membership rates and benefits.  A statement is available here.

Access to the ePortfolio 

The e-portfolio is accessible at nhseportfolios.org and a username and password will be issued upon application for the appropriate membership category.   Application can be made online here.

Please be aware that Core Trainees (CT1-3) and those in LAT or FTSTA posts need to register with the College; and HST trainees (ST4-6) and Run-Through-Trainees (ST1-6) need to enrol with the College. These are separate processes to applying for Membership of the College, or registering with the LETB/deanery.
Educational / Clinical supervisors

Educational / Clinical supervisors, who do not already have an account on NHS ePortfolios, should complete the e-portfolio Educational Supervisors form, and email it to ePortfolio@rcem.ac.uk.

Those in non-training posts must identify an EM consultant to act as an educational supervisor.

**2018 Update** Recording Reflections - Guidance for entering information on to ePortfolios

March 2018: The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) and the Conference of Postgraduate Medical Deans (COPMeD) have issued 'Summary Guidance on Entering Information into an ePortfolio' which is available on the AoMRC website.

Please also see the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges' guidance for entering information onto e-portfolios.

Downloadable documents

Trainee user guide to ePortfolio
Guide on how to add your posts and supervisors to your ePortfolio account


For ePortfolio queries please email ePortfolio@rcem.ac.uk
Alternatively, please call 020 7067 1264 for ePortfolio assistance over the phone.