The RCEM e-portfolio is primarily available for Run-Through trainees (ST1-6), Core Specialty trainees (CT1-3), Higher Specialty trainees (ST4-6), and those in FTSTA and LAT posts to record and store key documents for progression through training. The RCEM requires all post-2007 specialty trainees at these grades to use the e-portfolio.

ACCS trainees with parent specialties other than Emergency Medicine are advised not to register with the RCEM e-portfolio.  Physician trainees should register with the Physician e-portfolio for all parts of their training, and Anaesthetics trainees should register with the RCOA Lifelong Learning Platform (https://www.rcoa.ac.uk/lifelonglearning).

Access to the e-portfolio is also available for Republic of Ireland EM Trainees, Advanced Clinical Practitioners and non-trainees.  

Ways to pay for ePortfolio access changed from 1 January 2017 when the College discontinued the Training Administration Fee and introduced new Membership rates and benefits.  As statement is available here.

Access to the ePortfolio 

The e-portfolio is accessible at nhseportfolios.org and a username and password will be issued upon application for the appropriate membership category.   Application can be made online here.

Please be aware that Core Trainees (CT1-3) and those in LAT or FTSTA posts need to register with the College; and HST trainees (ST4-6) and Run-Through-Trainees (ST1-6) need to enrol with the College. These are separate processes to applying for Membership of the College, or registering with the LETB/deanery.
Educational / Clinical supervisors

Educational / Clinical supervisors, who do not already have an account on NHS ePortfolios, should complete the e-portfolio Educational Supervisors form, and email it to ePortfolio@rcem.ac.uk.

Those in non-training posts must identify an EM consultant to act as an educational supervisor.

**September 2018 Update** Recording Reflections - Guidance for entering information on to ePortfolios

September 2018: The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) and the Conference of Postgraduate Medical Deans (COPMeD) have produced a 'Reflective Practice Toolkit'.

'The Reflective Practitioner' joint guidance has been produced by the Academy, COPMeD, the General Medical Council (GMC) and the Medical Schools Council (MSC).  A summary is available here.

Downloadable documents

Trainee user guide to ePortfolio
Guide on how to add your posts and supervisors to your ePortfolio account


For ePortfolio queries please email ePortfolio@rcem.ac.uk
Alternatively, please call 020 7067 1264 for ePortfolio assistance over the phone.