Trainee Benefits and Support

Tax Relief for EM trainees

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine is on the HM Revenue and Customs’ list of Approved Professional Organisations and Learned Societies.  This allows EM trainees who pay a membership subscription to the College to claim tax relief if they are on a salary that is taxed at 40%.  Claims can be made for subscription payments going back up to seven years.

Study budgets and how to access them.

The study budget is changing.  The new HEE-managed centralised process will make accessing study leave and study budgets a more transparent, equitable and streamlined process for all trainees in England.  There is a clearer definition of how the study budget should be used to support individual professional development.
More information is available in the HEE Study Budget Trainee Guide.

Claiming back the costs of training

The Emergency Medicine Trainees Association has produced a document (available on their website here) which offers guidance on how EM trainees can claim back some of the costs of their training.

Rest and Sleep campaign

The Emergency Medicine Trainees' Association (EMTA) are campaigning for greater recognition of the importance of rest and sleep for EM trainees.  More information can be found here and a poster here.