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Welcome to the EMLeaders Programme

What is the EMLeaders Programme?

EMLeaders is focused on developing the leadership skills of those working within the Emergency Department, through an EM specific training programme. It teaches learners about leadership; what it is and how we can all become better leaders whatever our grade or clinical role in emergency medicine.

The purpose of the programme is to improve the quality of leadership skills being deployed in the EM operational environment and aims to ensure that that those within the ED are:

  1. more knowledgeable about clinical leadership and how to apply it on the shop floor.
  2. empowered to make decisions in the workplace and manage the challenging environment of the emergency department.
  3. supported by the School leadership faculty with their learning and are enabled to feed back personal experiences or concerns.

This programme has been developed in partnership between The Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM), Health Education England (HEE) and NHS Improvement/England (NHSI/E), guided by the 2017 Securing the Future Workforce for Emergency Departments in England Strategy.

What is the programme trying to achieve?

In April 2018, the partnership began working on this four-year initiative to improve the quality of clinical leadership skills being deployed in the Emergency Medicine operational environment. The strategic aims of the initiative are to support the development of self-leadership of those working within Emergency Departments, with a focus on reducing attrition, supporting well-being and assisting career progression in one of the most intense healthcare environments in the NHS.

By March 2022, the programme aims to:

  1. create and deliver an EM specific leadership training programme that not only supports trainees to meet the requirements of the incoming Curriculum - which has threads of leadership throughout the generic professional capabilities (GPC) and specialty learning outcomes (SLOs) - but also expand this offer of training to the wider ED workforce.
  2. create a Faculty of experts in leadership across the regions of England, who can support the delivery of this training to trainees, trainers and others within the ED.
  3. up-skill those currently working in EDs through peer-led training initiatives.
  4. embed these within local teaching structures so they continue as business as usual after this initiative ends.

If you would like to find out more, please contact victoria.brewer@rcem.ac.uk

The EMLeaders Framework

The EMLeaders Framework was developed by the EMLeaders National Faculty from their collective knowledge and experience of Emergency Medicine and Leadership. The framework is based on those elements that prepare an EM practitioner to manage any shift in the Emergency Department and negotiate the many aspects of the wider NHS. The information within this document provides a framework of EM leadership knowledge, skills, behaviours, attitudes and competencies referenced against the different stages of training that make up core and higher EM training programmes. The framework is structured into five areas of clinical leadership:

  1. EMLeader skills
  2. Working in teams
  3. Managing the Emergency Service
  4. Growth and collaboration
  5. Developing excellence within your team.

The descriptors reflect proficiency at a specific stage of EM training, with additional complexity challenging the trainee as they progress from core to completion of higher training and into the early years as a Consultant.

EMLeader Framework and Curriculum 2021

The clinical curriculum has threads of leadership throughout the generic professional capabilities (GPC) and specialty learning outcomes (SLOs) as highlighted in the introduction of the framework document. When training to be Emergency Medicine Consultants, trainees must develop their leadership potential so that they are able to lead effectively when providing care for patients as experts in clinical diagnosis and reasoning, as well as managing, guiding and supporting multi-disciplinary teams operating in a modern-day Emergency Department.

The EMLeaders programme contains a number of leadership educational resources that can provide evidence of learning, progress and attainment along with other work-based place assessments, formal courses or reflective practises.

The available EMLeaders resources and how they link to the different aspects of the curriculum are outlined within the Framework introduction.

EMLeaders Framework

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