EMLeaders Programme

Welcome to the EMLeaders Programme

What is leadership?

Leadership saves lives. 

There are many definitions and models of leadership but essentially, clinical leadership is all about improving the quality of care to patients and making work more interesting and fulfilling for all of us. 

Leadership forms part of our everyday working and the EMLeaders Programme will develop your leadership capability and therefore equip you with the tools to become a high performing Emergency Medicine Physician. 

What is the EMLeaders Programme?

The EMLeaders Programme is for all trainees (ST1 to ST6). It will teach you about leadership: what it is and how we can all become better leaders whatever our grade or clinical role in emergency medicine. The purpose of the programme is to improve the quality of leadership skills being deployed in the EM operational environment and will ensure that you as a trainee:

  • are more knowledgeable about clinical leadership and how this knowledge can be applied on the shop floor;
  • feel better supported and equipped to make decisions in the workplace and manage the challenging environment of the emergency department;
  • have the support of the School leadership faculty and are enabled to feedback your personal experiences or concerns.

What is the programme trying to achieve and how?

The programme was developed in partnership between RCEM, Health Education England and NHS Improvement, guided by the 2017 Securing the Future Workforce for Emergency Departments in England Strategy. The strategy highlighted issues of staff retention and burnout within emergency departments and sought to address them by improving staff knowledge, skills and the environment. One area that has been highlighted where improvements can be made, is clinical leadership. Through a combination of face to face workshops, reading materials and work place learning you will be supported to develop your clinical leadership skills and given real time support to implement and embed your developing skills. 

What next?

The EM Leaders programme has now formally launched and the first introductory workshops on clinical leadership will be taking place from June 2019 (dates depend on location). You'll find your nearest training event in the tabs below.

If you are a trainee and would like to find out more, please contact victoria.brewer@rcem.ac.uk

If you are a consultant and would like to find out how to get involved in the EMLeaders Programme, please contact 0203 931 0649.

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