The General Medical Council, in its 2017 standards document Excellence by Design has stated that the curricula for all medical specialties must be revised by 2020. It has set out requirements for these revisions. It has stipulations that include:

o  Curricula must introduce Generic Professional Capabilities

o  Curricula must be structured round a limited number of ‘Specialty Learning Outcomes’- activities that describe the work of an independent clinician in each particular discipline

o  That colleges must demonstrate stakeholder involvement in developing their curricula

o  Assessment burden is to be reduced and a ‘tick-box’ approach avoided

RCEM is working on its curriculum in line with the requirements. The approval process for curricula has two phases.  

Phase One was an initial review of the structure of training and the breadth of the curriculum, as expressed in the Specialty Learning Outcomes we have defined.  The aims of the curriculum were set out in a 'Purpose statement' which has been submitted to the GMC for approval. This submission explained what a learner will be able to do when they have completed training, and at important points along the way. It also reflected how the specialty serves the needs of the public.

We have now entered Phase Two. This requires the development of
o  Programme of Learning
o  Programme of Assessment
o  Syllabus
o  Refinement of Specialty Learning Outcomes

Our curriculum development group will oversee the drafting of each of these elements to build a curriculum which will incorporate aspects of a competency based medical education approach.  

Once we have agreed the structure of the curriculum and training we will be seeking feedback on the detailed content of the curriculum prior to submission to the GMC for approval.

We seek the views of those to whom the RCEM curriculum applies. Please email to provide feedback on our proposed approach. 

Please find links below to other key documents we will use to inform our final submission.

Documents + Links

RCEM Documents

Launch Document

Purpose Statement

DRAFT – Specialty Learning Outcomes *

*12/10/18  The title of the Speciality Outcome 'resuscitation'  we drafted has been changed following feedback received. It has become clear that the working title set the wrong tone for our work and, although designed to be noticeable and encourage comment, suggested a lack of respect for the patients we serve. This is not the case and so it has been changed.'  Will Townend, RCEM curriculum chair

GMC Documents

Excellence By Design - Hub
Excellence By Design - Direct Link to PDF Document

Generic Professional Capabilities - Link to PDF Document

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