Tell us your thoughts on the new curriculum

The General Medical Council (GMC), in its 2017 report ‘Excellence by Design’ has stated that the curricula for all medical specialties must be revised by 2021. The revised curricula must:

  • introduce Generic Professional Capabilities
  • be structured round a limited number of ‘Specialty Learning Outcomes’ - activities that describe the work of an independent clinician in each particular discipline
  • demonstrate stakeholder involvement in developing curricula
  • reduce assessment burden and avoid a ‘tick-box’ approach.

With thanks to all those who have engaged so far, our work in Phase One has now been completed. The GMC has approved our Curriculum Purpose Statement, including the 12 Speciality Learning Outcomes we have described and our overall direction of travel. 

We have also been working with our intercollegiate partners in Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS) training to describe the Curriculum for ACCS. The ACCS Learning Outcomes are 9 of the EM Speciality Learning Outcomes with additional Learning outcomes for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine.

It has been clear from our work with our ACCS partners that a 2020 launch would not be feasible and so RCEM agreed to a 2021 launch for the curriculum. We considered a staggered start would be unhelpful and cause unnecessary complications. We therefore aim to launch the RCEM curriculum in 2021.

We are now formally seeking feedback on the draft Curriculum via a bespoke website and survey. The website is our proposal for displaying the curriculum in the future as well, so feedback on format as well as content is welcomed. 

These are open for your comments until 20 September 2019. After that the curriculum will be iterated based on feedback from the college and other stakeholders- including patients, lay representatives and other colleges. It will be submitted to the GMC for consideration in February 2020.

We are developing our implementation plan. This will be communicated to the public with the final version of the curriculum following GMC approval. We anticipate this will be in late spring 2020. 
Implementation of the new curriculum will therefore be scheduled for 2021. 

To get in contact about the project or to provide feedback on our proposed approach please email

If you would like to speak to a member of the curriculum development group in person, a list of regional contacts on the Curriculum Development Group is included below. Most work within the geographical region they cover. We will also attend educational and training events locally to explain and seek responses to our proposed curriculum.  

Name  Email   Location 
Amanda Farrow   Wales
Dan Becker
Jason Long (Dean)
 East of England 
Jill Stafford   Northern Ireland 
Lynsey Flowerdew   South East 
Malcolm Jones   North East & Yorkshire 
Richard Parris   South West 
Russell Duncan  Scotland 
Thomas Wiles   North West  
Vikas Sodiwala   East of England 
Will Townend (Chair)  London 

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