Dates & Fees

Fully completed application forms must be submitted no later than 5pm (GMT) on the stated closing date. Applications received after this will not be accepted.

Examination Calendar

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Examination Fees

FRCEM Primary, Intermediate SAQ & MRCEM OSCE

  • FRCEM Primary - £310.00
  • FRCEM Intermediate Short Answer Question paper - £305.00
  • FRCEM Intermediate Situational Judgement Paper - £200.00
  • MRCEM (OSCE) Objective Structured Clinical Examination - £440.00

FRCEM Final Examinations  

  • Clinical SAQ - £300.00
  • Critical appraisal SAQ - £240.00
  • QIP (no viva) - £150.00
  • OSCE - £420.00

MRCEM Examinations - Overseas Centres

Any candidate who wishes to sit the examination in an overseas centre must contact the relevant administrator (see details below):
  • India: Hyderabad and Chennai Apollo Hospitals (FRCEM Primary, FRCEM Intermediate SAQ, MRCEM OSCE): A.B.Sayeed,
  • India: New Delhi - Max Healthcare (FRCEM Primary, FRCEM Intermediate SAQ, MRCEM OSCE): Ms Brigitte Wuethrich,
  • Oman: Muscat – Oman Medical Specialty Board (FRCEM Primary, FRCEM Intermediate SAQ): Mrs. Iman Al Lawati,

Overseas Examinations

The College runs a number of examinations overseas (India,Oman, and Malaysia) in collaboration with our overseas Emergency Medicine Colleges and organisations.  Please see the Examination Calendar for further details.  Candidates wishing to sit examinations at an overseas centre should apply online during the specified application window.  Once entry is confirmed, candidates are required to contact the overseas centre to pay any additional local fees (not applicable for Oman and Iceland, local fee collected at time of online application).

Tax Relief on Examination Fees for UK trainees

The Emergency Medicine Trainees' Association (EMTA) has collated detailed advice for trainees, 'Claiming Back the Costs of Training', which available to download via the EMTA website.