Coronavirus & Exams - FAQs

Link to Training FAQs published 25 March 2020

Has my examination been postponed? 
All examinations due to take place before August 2020 have been postponed. 

My examination has been postponed. What happens to my booking? 
All current examination places will be honoured on the next available examination. We are currently investigating options for revised sittings of the FRCEM Primary, FRCEM Final SAQ and Critical Appraisal, and Final FRCEM OSCE.  We will not be able to accommodate an additional MRCEM OSCE examination in 2020. 

As soon as we have confirmation of the next running examination, your place will be automatically transferred and you will be contacted directly. 

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the transfer of your examination place, please contact us directly. 

Will there be any additional fees for my booking to be transferred? 
No. There will be no additional fees to transfer your booking to the next available examination. Please advise us if you wish for your place to be transferred to a different examination location. 

Is there any compensation available to cover costs of travel to cancelled examinations? 
Unfortunately, the College is unable to cover candidates’ travel costs.   

I need to pass the examination entered to continue my training. What impact will this have on my progression? 
We are working with the GMC, Education bodies and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges to issue further advice regarding the completion of CCT. 

We are requesting the Heads of School take a flexible approach at ARCP and ensure trainees are supported, to minimise any disadvantage to them. Further information will follow and we urge all trainees to continue to monitor their emails closely. If you have any specific concern, please contact your TPD/ Head of School or contact the college directly.   

Can I book myself onto the next exam? 
If your examination has been postponed your place will be transferred to the next available diet automatically. Please do not attempt to book yourself into another examination.  

Can my examination be transferred to a different centre to the one I had booked previously? 
At this point we are unable to advise; further information will be available when dates and centres are identified.   

How will I be updated, and what do I need to do to be transferred? 
We will be transferring all candidates whose examination has been postponed automatically to the next available sitting.  Any updates specific to sitting your examination will be communicated to you directly.  

What if the new examination date (that I’m automatically transferred to) doesn’t suit me? 
If you’re unable to attend the revised date or subsequent diet then we will refund your examination fee.   

For how long will examinations be postponed? 
Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide a date for the next available examination. However we will endeavour to identify alternative dates at the earliest opportunity and advise candidates already entered of these directly once finalised.  

I’ve recently sat the FRCEM Intermediate SAQ/SJP examination. Will this situation affect me? 
We are not expecting a delay in releasing results from the Spring 2020 FRCEM Intermediate SJP examination as this is machine marked.  The Intermediate SAQ is marked by examiners and the results will therefore be delayed, when the extent of the delay is apparent we will communicate with candidates directly to advise them of the revised result publication date.   

Can I still submit my QIP?
Candidates registered for the March 2020 QIP submission have been emailed instructions for submission and what to do if they are unable to submit.  The submission window has been extended until 30 April 2020.  Results release will be altered and candidates will be sent further details on this in due course. 

How can I contact you?
We hope that this page is useful, but if you would like to contact us you can reach us by email