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This page lists events, short courses, conferences and study days of particular interest to emergency physicians run by external organisations. If you wish to have your course displayed, please contact the College Events team for further information:

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Paediatric Mental Health Association Free Evening Webinar Series
Event Date:
 6 September (And fortnightly on Monday evenings)
Venue: Zoom
How to Book: Sign up to the PMHA Webinars mailing list  for regular updates about upcoming webinars: 
A series of free evening webinars on a wide range of topics relating to child mental health.
STAMP(EM) - Systems & Tips for Analytical Medical Practice (Emergency Medicine)
Event Date: 16 September 2021
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham (occasionally elsewhere).
How to book: Visit the website -

Get it - interactive learning, to ensure you understand every step.
Get it right - you will be able to absorb and perform every method shown to the 100% level.
Get it right away - tools you can use immediately – prove it to yourself on the day with multiple examples to work through.
The course consists of workshops on analysis of investigation data – blood gases, ECGs & X-rays – focusing on principles, safety tips, tricks & shortcuts. It teaches and reinforces practical methods that anyone can use on every shift, each explained down to basics. It focuses beyond what is usually covered by standard teaching, bridging the knowledge gaps and promoting deeper understanding, rather than a reliance on fallible memory.
Teaching is by currently active EM consultants, each with at least 10 years’ shop-floor experience.
Suitable for clinicians at FY2 to middle-grade level. 

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Regular Courses

RCEM Simulation courses
See Simulation Training

Children’s Advanced Trauma (CAT) courses
The Children’s Advanced Trauma (CAT) course is aimed at clinicians who have a first line role in managing major paediatric trauma in a trauma centre. The course is delivered via written material, lectures and practical skills teaching including several hi-fidelity trauma simulations. These simulations use realistic numbers of clinicians from all the appropriate specialties in scenarios that run in real time for about 20-25 minutes followed by debrief and discussion. The course manual is a 70 page in-depth guide to all aspects of major paediatric trauma. The written material, lectures and simulation are delivered by experts in trauma and resuscitation, intensive care, anaesthetics, transport medicine, paediatric surgery and neurosurgery.

On average there are two CAT courses every year in Sheffield. The places on these courses are intended for candidates from all over the UK to come together and learn about the latest and best management of major paediatric trauma. A local one day course is provided in Sheffield for candidates who require more basic knowledge and to gain experience of paediatric trauma. Candidates who apply for the CAT course but are not short-listed may be offered a place on the Children's Intermediate Trauma (one-day) course. For more information email or visit our website.

Connecting with People: Emotional Resilience and Suicide Awareness training
The training comprises a series of peer reviewed and independently evaluated 2 hour modules, ideally suited to CPD and in-house training sessions. Participants will be able to develop a compassionate approach suitable for a demanding and time-pressured environment. At the end of the modules participants will be able to use the clinical resources to enhance their assessment and response to a suicidal patient. They will be able to undertake a safe triage and referral if appropriate, reduce their patients’ distress, and collaboratively create a safety plan to increase their patients’ resilience to suicidal thoughts. Visit the website here.

Critical Appraisal Lowdown Course
An online critical appraisal course, delivered via online podcasts, supported with over 100 online MCQs to consolidate learning and a certificate of completion. Based on the RCEM critical appraisal syllabus the course provides the user with a sound understanding of critical appraisal and an ability to deliver evidence based medicine. Visit the website here. To subscribe to a course simply head to the website and click 'start a course'.

Expedition & Wilderness Medicine
Expedition & Wilderness Medicine is the leading provider of expedition, wilderness and remote medicine training courses for medical professionals, both here in the UK and also in a number of carefully selected overseas locations. The Expedition & Wilderness Medicine training faculty aims to prepare both medical professionals and expedition members for the rigours of providing medical care and leadership in wilderness areas far from advanced medical facilities. The courses aim to provide expedition medics with the skills and practical knowledge to become valuable members of an expedition or remote medical team. Visit our website for more information.