Wellness & Exercise



Key messages

  1. Looking after your body - be active
  2. Looking after your mind - keep learning and take notice
  3. Connecting with people - invest in relationships and give


RCEM are proud to be working with Dr Laura Howard on the exciting and innovative new ED Spa.  The ED Spa is a safe space, where practitioners can drop their guard and be real about the challenges they face.  

The ED Spa works on the principle of 5 elements of well-being:

  1. Connect: Take time to invest in meaningful relationships with family, friends, colleagues and communities.  Strong, meaningful relationships will encourage and support you. 
  2. Be Active: Play sport, walk, run, dance, garden, cycle, swim and many more. Find the thing you enjoy that gets you active. 
  3. Give: Be grateful, be kind, do something nice for a friend or a stranger.
  4. Keep learning: Learn a new skill, find a hobby or take on a new challenge.
  5. Take notice: Pay attention and be in the moment, notice how you are feeling. 

More information on the principles of the ED Spa and how to create one in your own ED ware coming over the next few months.  You can also follow or contact the ED Spa on twitter.

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