The Pilot

Quality Assurance and Pilot Evaluation

There are detailed plans for the monitoring of the delivery of the Emergency Medicine Foundation programme. These are a tiered approach, based on the General Medical Council's Quality Assurance Framework.
  • Quality Assurance will be managed by RCEM, via The International Education Sub-Committee
  • Quality Management, will be managed by the Learning Hubs
  • Quality Control, will be managed by the Hospitals and Emergency Departments
Further details on the assurance process can be found in 'Policy on quality management in EMFP pilot '

Information will be collected throughout the pilot process to support an evaluation of the pilot. Evaluation will look at the following:
  • The acceptability or experience of the new curriculum
  • The effectiveness of the new curriculum
  • The effectiveness of the governance and quality assurance processes

 Pilot evaluation
The Evaluation Plan for the pilot covers the following:
- The effectiveness of the curriculum
- The effectiveness of the Train the Trainer programme
- The governance process 

Data will be collected through surveys, site visits and Learning Hub reports. Each trainee will be asked to complete a Discrepancy Analysis at the start of the programme, highlighting their confidence and competence in key topics.
Trainees and supervisors will also be asked to complete online surveys at key points in the pilot, about their experience of the programme.