Contact your MP about A&E

Our Emergency Departments (also known as A&Es) are struggling and patients are suffering. A week rarely goes by without more news about the difficulties of poor performance. However, these problems are not the fault of individual hospitals, providers, or staff. These problems are the result of under-resourcing.

We need your help to improve emergency medicine and you can do this by writing to your Member of Parliament in support of our plan to help our A&Es – RCEM Vision 2020You can read more about this further below.

How do I contact my MP?

You can either use the form below (the letter is on the next page) or write to your MP by post. The form only takes two minutes complete and you’ll be able to enter details about your experiences of A&E and why helping it matters to you.

What does the College want to see happen?

RCEM Vision 2020 is our plan to fix emergency department Staffing, Systems and Support to deliver excellent patient care. We believe that to make conditions for patients and help our A&Es we need:

  • 2,200 extra Emergency Medicine consultants in England alone.
  • At least 5,000 extra hospital beds to get occupancy rates back to safe levels (no more than 85% of all beds should be occupied).
  • Co-location of vital care services, including GPs, pharmacists and mental health specialists, around the emergency department so patients can easily access the right service for them.
  • An emergency care transformation programme that aims to redirect the money spent on agency locum staff to where it’s really needed – the provision of permanent staff and beds.
  • Additional resources for social care to both prevent the need for people go to A&E and help them get back on their feet when they are ready to leave.

These measures will help improve A&E performance, meaning that patients are seen more quickly and given the care and attention they need and deserve. You can help us make happen this by telling your MP this needs to be done.

You can find out more and read our full Vision 2020 here.

Contact your MP by post

Not a fan of email? Why not use the below letter to contact your MP by post? Remember to include your full name and address for a reply.

Not sure who your MP is? You can use your postcode or a place name to search parliament's Find your MP service and find out the name of your MP and how to contact them.

Devolved Nations

If you’re based in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland please be aware that the College is developing individual campaigns for your specific nation and will be launching these in the coming months.

In the meantime, please do still write to your parliamentary representative in support of the below letter. All MPs can vote on Westminister issues and any increase in resourcing to one nation will have a positive knock on effect on the others; with more resources also being made available to them.

Need help?

Please call 0207 067 1275 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) or email and we’ll do our best to answer any questions.