Health Informatics is the internationally recognised and Department of Health term covering the use of resources, devices, and methods required to optimize the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and use of information in health and biomedicine. The number of Emergency Department attendances has been increasing rapidly over the last few years, which has focused attention on why this has occurred. 

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine Informatics page features Informatics information and resources including: clinical records, emergency care data set, informatics (and introduction), summary care record and syndromic surveillance. Use the navigation tab below to browse the resources available. 

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Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS)

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine is currently involved in a collaborative project to develop and implement a new data set for emergency care. The Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS) intends to replace the outdated Accident & Emergency Commissioning Data Set (CDS type 010) with a data set that can properly capture and represent the full extent and granularity of ED activity across England. 

The ECDS is based on the work by the college to develop the Minimum Data Set for Emergency Care (MDEC) and also the Unified Diagnostic Data Set (UDDA). The documentation related to both the MDEC and UDDA has been removed from these pages as it has been superseded by the ECDS project documentation.  Further information on the project can be accessed via the NHS England website.

For further information regarding the project please contact the Project Manager, Aaron Haile at

How usable is your Emergency Department IT system ?

With modern tablets and phones setting the standards, clinicians often complain that their IT systems are not as good as they might be. As part of the national Emergency Care Data Set project, we are doing a before / after audit.

RCEM Informatics committee is sending out an audit on the usability of IT systems to the clinical leads.

To complete this voluntary and free audit, download the software to a tablet or phone, and survey 10 members (each) of nursing, medical and clerical staff.

The clinical lead will be then sent a pdf showing you how ‘usable’ your system is. The results are automatically pooled nationally and will help inform ECDS implementation.

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