RCEM Wales encouraged by latest Emergency Department figures

17 March 2017

The latest Accident and Emergency Department statistics for Wales demonstrate a slight improvement in performance against the four-hour standard along with significantly fewer 12-hour breaches during February 2017, compared to the same month last year.   

During February 2017, 80.8% of patients attending emergency departments across Wales were admitted, transferred or discharged within 4-hours - an improvement of 3.6%. Yet this is still significantly short of the 95% target. 

Dr Robin Roop, Vice President of RCEM Wales, said: “We are pleased to see that there were some improvements in emergency care performance during February compared to the previous year. 

“5,257 fewer patients last month meant that more patients could be seen within the 4-hour target, fewer patients were left waiting on trollies in corridors for over 12-hours and our emergency staff were a little less stretched.

“However, there is no doubt that NHS Wales continues to face a significant challenge to meet the health needs of a growing population with increasingly complex needs. 

“We are far below our 4-hour target of 95% and nearly 3,000 people are still waiting over 12-hours in busy and stressful environments. This means that many patients still do not receive the timely care and attention that they deserve. Furthermore, emergency care staff continue to battle crowding in emergency departments along with Exit Block - partly due to the lack of available hospital beds. 

“RCEM Wales is encouraged to hear that the Welsh Government will continue to work with professional bodies, like the College, to develop more resilient services for winter. More resources and capacity in the health and social care systems - including beds, staff and funding - are vital in order to continue this upwards trend.”