Membership Categories

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine offers the following types of membership. Click for more information on each.

  • Fellowship by Examination (overseas option is available) - Doctors who have passed their FRCEM exam with the College.
  • Fellowship by Examination (Non EMSR) – Doctors who have passed the FRCEM examination, however no longer working in EM but wish to remain a member. They cannot be on the Emergency Medicine Specialist Register.
  • Fellowship by Examination (ROI) - For Fellow by Examination (ROI) there was a reduced rate and included the EMJ – this is because they do not have to revalidate under the GMC ruling. However the option to pay an Overseas rate was approved at the 2015 AGM and was put into effect for the 2016 subscriptions. If they wished to have the same terms and conditions as a UK Fellow then they would be charged the full UK rate otherwise it would be the Overseas rate.
  • Fellowship by Election (This is not a valid membership category for new members). This membership category is no longer available for any doctors who apply. This was a ruling made by Council on the 14th March 2013. For doctors who obtain Article 14, work in a substantive consultancy post but do not have the relevant certification at a Fellowship level will be offered Associate Fellowship or Associate Membership
  • Fellowship by Ad Eundem (overseas option is available) - This membership category is for Doctors who have successfully completed the FACEM or ACEP (American College of Emergency Physicians) Singapore/Hong Kong Emergency Medicine, Australasian Fellowship exams.
  • Fellowship by Election (International) - For those who are exceptional in multiple domains of EM practice. Applying criteria- Those applying must have two references, with one being from a Fellow of the College. This membership category is not impacted by the decision made by Council on March 2013.
  • Honorary Fellows - These Fellows cannot apply to become honorary fellows; they have to be nominated by a Fellow of the College and one other person who is not a Fellow of the College. A CV should be attached with the nomination and consideration and approval of the application is carried out by Council. Once council has approved the membership team send out a paper application form for them to complete. Once returned the membership is manually entered into the database.
  • Associate Fellowship (overseas option available) - Category for doctors who are Staff Grade, Speciality Doctors, Locum Consultants or Associate Specialists who have a Post-Graduate certificate. Post-graduate certificates include MRCS, FRCS, MRGP and should be working in an EM department. Alternatively they must be in a substantive Consultant post and on the GMC Specialist Register or Article 14. A copy of their current Resume should also be attached to the application form
  • Membership by Examination (overseas option is available) - Doctors who have passed their MRCEM examination can apply for this membership category.
  • Membership by Examination (Non EM) - Doctors who have passed their MRCEM but are no longer working in EM – regardless of where they are based.
  • Associate Membership (overseas option is available) - Doctors who are working in in Emergency Medicine at a higher level than FY2.
  • These will generally be trainees enrolled for training at ST1-3 level, FTSTAs and staff grade doctors. However there are exceptions where the applicant does not fit into the requirements for Fellowship Ad Eundem or Associate Fellowship, or indeed an ST4 with a post-graduate certificate, is not on the training programme and has not got MRCEM.
  • Associate Membership (Foundation) - Foundation Year doctors
  • Associate Membership (ACP) - Advanced Care Practitioners – generally nurses - in Emergency Medicine.
  • Associate Membership (WLR) - Work, Learn, Return doctors. Generally from Overseas who wish to retrain in Emergency Medicine. Their employment grade may change to reflect a training grade
  • Associate Membership (AOST) - This is a new category - Associate Member (Approved Overseas Training). This category is for Iceland and ROI trainees only and membership application can be made on-line.
  • Affiliate Membership - Membership category for any medical staff or non- medically trained individual who is interested in the practice of EM but don’t fulfil any other category.
  • Retired Fellows/Members- options available are:
    • Retired Fellow (annual fee)
    • Retired Fellow- Life Fellowship (one off payment)
    • Associate Life Fellow (one off payment)
    • Retired Members (annual fee)
  • Retirement means that they have fully retired. If they need to register CPD then the full Fellowship/Membership rates will apply. Revised New Definition of Retired Doctor – w.e.f 2013. In order to be considered as Retired, Doctors will have to be drawing a pension from the NHS and not revalidating, therefore being recognized as a truly retired doctor. Retired subscription rates apply. However, if a doctor is revalidating this means that they will continue to work and they will pay the full annual subscription plus the EMJ. If however they are earning less than £25k per annum then they would be entitled to a 50% reduction on the subscription rate only.
Membership Category Flow Chart