Trainee Handbook

The Trainee Handbook is a guide for those in Specialty Registrar training in Emergency Medicine from CT1/ST1 onwards and in LAT or FTSTA posts. 

On starting specialty training a new trainee should: 

  • enrol (RTT or HST trainees) or register (‘uncoupled’ Core trainees and LATs) with the Training Standards Committee 
  • consider applying for membership of the College and obtaining ePortfolio access as a member benefit.  The College very strongly advises trainees to become members.
  • create an e-portfolio account. 

NB:  From 1 January 2017 the College discontinued the Training Administration Fee and introduced changes to Membership rates and benefits which had an impact on how trainees pay for ePortfolio.  A statement is available here.

 You will find information on the above in this guide, as well as information on the organisations responsible for specialty training, the EM training programme, types of training post, assessment and supervision, examinations, and what to do if you want to work flexibly or go out of programme.