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This page lists events, short courses, conferences and study days of particular interest to emergency physicians run by external organisations. If you wish to have your course displayed, please contact the College Events team for further information: events@rcem.ac.uk.

Other areas of the website also contain information about emergency courses:
RCEM Study Days and Courses- College study days and courses are listed in the CPD section
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  • Advanced Life Support courses
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International Events
External event - Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex Showcase

Course Calendar

February 2017

Emergency Medicine for Junior Doctors
22 February 2017 
The Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds
How to book: 
Please see www.emjd.co.uk for more details and to purchase tickets.

EMJD is a one day event aimed at ANPs and junior doctors with an interest in emergency medicine. The day will consist of lectures and practical workshops to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills to manage common ED presentations.

Glasgow Emergency Surgery and Trauma Symposium (GESTS)
23 - 24 February 2017
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
How to book: 
Please see www.rcpsg.ac.uk/events/gests for more details and to purchase tickets.

GESTS 2017 will provide expert opinion on common surgical problems. The symposium exists to provide you with practical information gained from hands-on experience of emergency surgery and trauma. Information is delivered in short, concise, actionable presentations alongside examples of real-life complex surgical trauma cases and delegates have the opportunity to interact with presenters throughout the duration of the programme and pose questions to the experienced faculty.

March 2017

Cambridge Trauma Conference 2017
Date: 8 - 10 March 2017
Venue: Moller Centre, Cambridge
How to book: Please see www.cambridgetraumaconference.net for more details and to purchase tickets.

The conference will provide up to date education in trauma management, research, inter-professional relationships, practical skills such as trauma imaging and airway management, as well as update workshops on complex areas such as neuro-trauma, transfer nursing, and remote site critical care. 

April 2017

Joint European and British Society Emergency Radiology Annual Conference
Date: 25 - 26 April 2017
Venue: Imperial College London
How to book: Please see www.eser-society.org/meetings/eser-2017 for more details and to purchase tickets.

Join the biggest cross-speciality conference on Emergency Imaging and become more proficient at interpreting your patients’ scans! This conference caters for Emergency Physicians, Acute and Critical Specialists, Trauma Surgeons and Radiologists at all levels of experience. Six parallel streams including 4 hands-on workstation sessions and two interactive lectures will run throughout the two days. Early booking means you can pre-select the workshop sessions which suit you best and take advantage of early bird rates. 

May 2017

British Burn Association Annual Conference: New Technologies for Better Burn Care
3 - 5 May 2017
Venue: Royal College of Surgeons, London
How to book: Please see www.convenus.com/bba or call 01722 742 603 for more details and to purchase tickets.

The focus of the conference will be to discuss the development and use of emerging technologies in burns care and an international panel of invited speakers will be in attendance to include David Herndon, Texas, USA; Peter Moorgate, OSCARE, Antwerp; Matthias Augst, Bonn/Rhein-Sieg; Paul van Zuijlen, Beverwijk; Cecillia Li-Tsang, Hong Kong; and Zephanie Tyack, Queensland, Australia. Sessions include Pre-Hospital Burn Care;  Basic Sciences and Research in Burns Care; Acute Surgical and ITU Burns Care; Infection Control and Burn Sepsis; Nursing, Therapy and Rehabilitation; Psychosocial Support for the Patient;  Burns Reconstruction;  Burn Service Innovations; Scar Clinic; The Matilda Lecture; The Wallace Lecture; Free Papers and Posters.  The sessions will be chaired by recognised national burn experts. Abstract submission deadline: Monday night (midnight) 2nd January 2017

Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine 11th Annual Conference
Date: 4 - 6 May 2017
Venue: The Hilton, 4 Lanyon Place, Belfast, BT1 3LP
How to book: Please click here for more details and to purchase tickets. 
The Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine will be holding its 11th Annual Conference at the Hilton, Belfast from 4 - 6 May 2017. The main theme for the conference is 'post-conflict resolution' and will cover issues such as substance misuse, sexual assault, suicide and self-harm. 

Emergency Department Management
Date: 8 - 11 May 2017
Venue: Sala Giochi, Via Pugliesi, 26, 59100, Prato, Italy
How to book: Please see www.alfredetc-professional-development.cvent.com/EDMPrato2017 or email med-emergency.education@monash.edu for more details and to purchase tickets.

This course offers professional development for current and future leaders in emergency medicine. The content is aimed at best practice management of an emergency medical service. The purpose of the course is to increase clinicians' awareness of non-medical management principles and processes, and the influence of organisation and government on the provision of patient care. The course also provides an environment for self-reflection and supports the development of well-rounded, well-networked clinical leaders.

Introduction to Research Methods & Introduction to Evidence Based Medicine
8 - 11 May 2017
Venue: Sala Veneziana, Via Pugliesi, 26, 59100, Prato, Italy
How to book: Please see www.alfredetc-professional-development.cvent.com/IRM_IEBM_2017 or email med-emergency.education@monash.edu for more details and to purchase tickets.

Introduction to Research Methods (IRM) is a concise introduction to clinical research methodology and the practical skills required for undertaking such research. It introduces key terminology and processes in order to provide health professionals and students, who have not previously undertaken or led research, with the confidence and skills to contribute to this crucial element of the evidence based care continuum. Introduction to Evidence Based Medicine (IEBM) aims to equip students with the necessary skills to identify and incorporate the best available research evidence to their clinical training and clinical practice. These two courses can be completed separately or consecutively for a more comprehensive learning experience. They will enable you to be actively involved in medical research and to foster a research culture in your environment.

European Paediatric Resuscitation & Emergency Medicine (PREM) Congress 2017
Date: 18 - 19 May 2017
Venue: Vooruit, Ghent, Belgium
How to book: Please see www.prem2017.com for more details and to purchase tickets.

PREM is endorsed by all major European societies: EUSEM, ERC, ESPA, ESPNIC as well as several national groups and societies. It will again bring together emergency physicians, anaesthetists, paediatricians and many others from all over Europe and beyond. There will be ample opportunities to meet the current opinion leaders in paediatric resuscitation and emergency medicine. Once again, a very strong scientific program has been put forward.

Regular Courses

RCEM Simulation courses

See Simulation Training

Children’s Advanced Trauma (CAT) courses
The Children’s Advanced Trauma (CAT) course is aimed at clinicians who have a first line role in managing major paediatric trauma in a trauma centre. The course is delivered via written material, lectures and practical skills teaching including several hi-fidelity trauma simulations. These simulations use realistic numbers of clinicians from all the appropriate specialties in scenarios that run in real time for about 20-25 minutes followed by debrief and discussion.  The course manual is a 70 page in-depth guide to all aspects of major paediatric trauma.  The written material, lectures and simulation are delivered by experts in trauma and resuscitation, intensive care, anaesthetics, transport medicine, paediatric surgery and neurosurgery.

On average there are two CAT courses every year in Sheffield.  The places on these courses are intended for candidates from all over the UK to come together and learn about the latest and best management of major paediatric trauma.  A local one day course is provided in Sheffield for candidates who require more basic knowledge and to gain experience of paediatric trauma.  Candidates who apply for the CAT course but are not short-listed may be offered a place on the Children's Intermediate Trauma (one-day) course. For more information email alison.kimber@sch.nhs.uk or visit our website.

Connecting with People: Emotional Resilience and Suicide Awareness training

The training comprises a series of peer reviewed and independently evaluated 2 hour modules, ideally suited to CPD and in-house training sessions. Participants will be able to develop a compassionate approach suitable for a demanding and time-pressured environment. At the end of the modules participants will be able to use the clinical resources to enhance their assessment and response to a suicidal patient. They will be able to undertake a safe triage and referral if appropriate, reduce their patients’ distress, and collaboratively create a safety plan to increase their patients’ resilience to suicidal thoughts. Visit the website here

Trauma Resus Education and Training Sessions (TREATS)
The course focuses on the concept of Damage Control Resuscitation, new equipment and roles and responsibilities at a trauma call. Emphasis is not only on clinical components, but also human factors that impact on trauma care. The course is delivered by ED consultants/senior nursing staff/reps/outside speakers. The course consists of some lectures, but mainly small group workshops and high fidelity moulages.

Phillips Parade (Resus Training Centre), Swansea
6 CPD points
Contact Dr Dinendra Gill: 01792 703418 or dsg741@gmail.com

Enhanced Performance in Complex Care (EPICC)
Human Factors in Emergency Medicine: incorporating behavioural and cognitive aspects of human interaction within multidisciplinary teams in the ED. By helping you to develop your selfawareness and improve your team performance, this course aims to promote medical leadership and team membership within Emergency Medicine.
Download full details. 

Imperial College London - CPD courses
The Imperial College School of Professional Development provides a variety of short courses in medicine and healthcare which may be of interest and relevance to RCEM members.  You can view a list of courses at the website.

Basic Trauma Course - Solihull Hospital
A series of one day courses aimed at FY1/FY2/ST level doctors to help them feel confident in managing common and serious Trauma and Orthopaedic conditions. Download programme for more information. Visit www.traumacourses.co.uk to apply.

Expedition & Wilderness Medicine
Expedition & Wilderness Medicine is the leading provider of expedition, wilderness and remote medicine training courses for medical professionals, both here in the UK and also in a number of carefully selected overseas locations.
The Expedition & Wilderness Medicine training faculty aims to prepare both medical professionals and expedition members for the rigours of providing medical care and leadership in wilderness areas far from advanced medical facilities. The courses aim to provide expedition medics with the skills and practical knowledge to become valuable members of an expedition or remote medical team.
Visit our website for more information.

Advanced Trauma Simulation Course
A one day course to prepare health care professionals on the initial management of the poly trauma patient in the Emergency Department with emphasis on leadership and practical skills.
Programme content and structure:
Dress code:  Departmental uniform (to simulate a real environment)
Pre-course training manual provided to candidates before course commencement
Attendance and CPD Certificate will be provided at the end of the course
Refreshments and lunch included
Date and Venue: Education centre New Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

EMSB: Emergency Management of Severe Burn Course

2017 Course Dates

 Date  Location
 2 - 3 February 2017  Military, Strensall, York
 10 February 2017  Manchester
 4 March 2017  Birmingham
 18 March 2017  East Grinstead, London
 25 May 2017  Newcastle
 15 - 16 June 2017  Military, Strensall, York
 7 July 2017  Nottingham
 8 July 2017  Chelmsford, London
 9 September 2017  Bristol
 14 September 2017  Chelsea & Westminster, London
 23 - 24 November 2017  Military, Strensall, York

The Emergency Management of Severe Burns (EMSB) course provides burn specific trauma management guidelines, which are additive and complimentary to those taught on other trauma courses eg ATLS.  EMSB is a “stand alone” one-day course that covers the principles of the emergency management of severe burns in the British Isles including practical exercises in burn size assessment, fluid resuscitation, airway and wound management, paediatric burn care, electrical and chemical injuries and simulated cases. 
The course is appropriate for medical and nursing practitioners who may be required to provide initial management to patients with severe burn injuries e.g. those working anywhere in the field of burn care, anaesthesia, trauma, pre-hospital and emergency medicine. The EMSB course has been awarded 8 consultant CPD credits. 

Course fee:  £295 to include lunch and refreshments
To book online:  www.britishburnassociation.org/emsb
Further information from:  emsb@britishburnassociation.org

London Clinical Courses - MCEM
This is the only MCEM C course which is conducted for 4 days and teaches approximately 150 - 200 of the most simulated MCEM C scenarios. The first 2 days of the course is taught and last 2 days consists of MOCKs. All Course Material is approved and supervised by Consultants. For next dates, fee and availability please visit the website.